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Your Legacy specializes in providing professional estate planning services prepared by the attorneys at Hogan Hulet PLLC for the residents of Nevada. Our dedicated team of attorneys is here to guide you through the streamlined process of preparing your all-in-one estate plan package comprised of your will, a revocable trust (for you individually or you and your spouse), powers of attorney, and a medical directive – all in one package.

All-In-One Attorney-Prepared Estate Plan

Estate planning is more than just drafting a will; it’s about ensuring that your legacy is preserved and your loved ones are cared for in accordance with your wishes. In Las Vegas, where the bustling lifestyle often keeps us on our toes, having a solid estate plan is crucial.

  • Protect Your Loved Ones: By preparing an estate plan you will remove the burden of decision-making from your loved ones upon your passing or incapacitation.
  • Protect Your Assets: An estate plan helps you safeguard your wealth and property, ensuring they are distributed as you desire in your will.
  • Avoid Probate: With tools like living trusts, you can help your family avoid the stressful, lengthy and costly probate process.
  • Ensure Medical Wishes Are Honored: Through an advanced directive and durable medical power of attorney, you can specify your healthcare preferences and thereby protect your loved ones from the burden of making decisions on your behalf.
  • Ensure Your Finances Are Overseen By Someone You Trust Upon Your Incapacitation: In the unfortunate even that your are unable to make decisions for yourself, a financial power of attorney will appoint someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf.
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What Do You Need?

Key Components of Estate Planning

Our all-in-one estate planning package ensures that your wishes are accurately reflected and legally enforceable, including your will, a revocable trust, and healthcare and financial directives if you become incapacitated. With our expertise and dedication, we empower you to navigate the complexities of estate planning with confidence in a simple affordable process.


A revocable living trust actively manages and transfers your assets to chosen beneficiaries. It functions like a secure container during your lifetime, allowing you to modify its contents. After your passing, a trustee, chosen by you, follows your instructions to distribute assets without probate.


A will outlines how you distribute your assets after your passing, preventing disputes and lengthy legal proceedings. Even if brief, it ensures clarity. A pour-over will, used with a revocable living trust, safeguards assets not transferred to the trust during your lifetime, aligning with its instructions posthumously.


A living will, also known as an advance healthcare directive, outlines your medical treatment preferences if you cannot communicate. It empowers you to guide your healthcare according to your values, providing clarity for loved ones and healthcare providers.


A healthcare durable power of attorney (also known as a healthcare proxy or medical power of attorney) appoints someone to make medical decisions for you if you cannot communicate. We suggest having both a living will and a healthcare durable power of attorney. 


A financial durable power of attorney (DPOA) allows someone to handle your money matters for you. This includes tasks like managing bank accounts, and dealing with property. It’s part of estate planning, ensuring your finances are managed by someone you trust if you can’t do it.

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Benefits of Working with an Estate Attorney

Choosing the right estate attorney can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your estate plan. At Your Legacy, our experienced attorneys bring a wealth of knowledge and a personalized approach to each case.

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Why Plan Ahead?

The Importance of Estate Planning

Without an estate plan in Nevada, your assets will be distributed according to a process known as probate. Probate can be time-consuming, costly, and stressful for your surviving loved ones, with no assurance that your assets will align with your wishes. Creating an estate plan is crucial to ensure your assets are distributed as desired, minimizing burdens and conflicts among loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Estate planning is a vital legal process that manages and distributes a person's assets after death and provides directives in case you become incapacitated. It's essential for protecting your hard-earned assets and for unburdening your loved ones of the process of trying to guess your wishes when you are no longer able to express them. Unexpected events like accidents, illness, or death can happen at any time, regardless of age. It also allows you to appoint a guardian for your minor children.

A common misconception is that having a Revocable Living Trust eliminates the need for a Pour-Over Will. However, this is not entirely accurate. A Revocable Living Trust can help manage your assets during your lifetime and distribute them after you pass, but it only covers assets you transferred into it.

The idea of the Pour-Over Will is as a safety net. This legal document essentially allows any assets not held in your trust at the time of your death to 'pour over' into the trust. It ensures these assets become part of your trust estate and are, subsequently, distributed according to your trust’s terms. Without a Pour-Over Will, any assets not included in your trust could be subjected to intestate succession laws, potentially resulting in an unintended beneficiary receiving the asset. This oversight can lead to unnecessary family conflicts and legal complications.

The all-in-one estate plan provided by Your Legacy will enable you to make any changes necessary as your circumstances evolve. The revocable living trust prepared by Your Legacy will not become irrevocable (meaning, not capable of being changed) until your death or of your spouse if married.

A Healthcare Durable Power of Attorney (HDPOA) provides a specified person, called an agent, with the legal power to make healthcare decisions for another person. This power activates when the person granting the authority is unable to make their own medical decisions due to illness or incapacitation. The range of the agent's authority can be either general or specific, depending on the individual's preference. Commonly, it includes decisions about treatment options, medical procedures, selecting healthcare providers, and making end-of-life choices. For example, the agent could decide to authorize or refuse certain medical treatments, pick particular healthcare professionals, or choose between palliative or hospice care options.

Without an estate plan, you forfeit the ability to control how your assets are distributed after your death. Dying without an estate plan or will is known as "dying intestate." In such cases, your properties will be allocated based on the laws of intestate succession. These legal principles determine who inherits your estate in the absence of a will or other estate planning tool. This process could disrupt your intended distribution of wealth, possibly leaving your loved ones, especially those not related by blood, unprotected or causing undue hardship or financial distress.

In the case of sudden incapacity, the absence of an estate plan, including medical directives, may also mean you have not legally designated someone to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf. This could potentially lead to disputes among family members concerning who should manage your affairs, and it may not reflect your personal wishes.

In short, not having an estate plan increases the risk of wealth erosion through unnecessary taxes and probate costs, familial conflicts, and a delay in asset distribution. Proactively creating an estate plan allows you to avoid these issues. It also provides you the knowledge that your assets will be safeguarded and your loved ones will be cared for in the manner you intend.

Yes. If you are married, the all-in-one package will include a comprehensive estate plan for both spouses and a joint revocable trust.

Yes. A licensed Nevada attorney from Hogan Hulet PLLC (Jeff Hulet or Ken Hogan) will prepare and review your all-in-one estate plan, along with a consult with you directly to answer your questions.

Your all-in-one estate plan will be prepared and ready for you to sign within seven days from when you return the intake form and provide payment.

We prefer payment via credit card, but we also take all forms of payment - cash, check, or wire.

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